Jacke’s Healing Resources

Through our Healing Resources, we aim to provide a gentle hand to those in need, illuminating the way toward emotional healing, resilience, and the rediscovery of hope.

Jacke’s own journey of transformation is a beacon of inspiration, embodying the belief that healing is not only possible but a profound and empowering journey of self-discovery.


Hope & Healing Camp

Faith-based online video sessions for the grieving mother.


Discover a world of inspiration and growth through our carefully curated retreats, and weekly & monthly meetings. Our events offer a unique blend of learning and connection.

Join us in 2024 by exploring our calendar for a glimpse into the transformative experiences awaiting you. Your journey towards healing and connection begins here.

View our calendar for the full list of 2024 dates and reserve your place today.

Heart Assessment

The Heart Assessment is two parts. The first part is an instructed assignment completed alone with Jesus. You’ll be given four questions about different areas of your life to either draw or write or both. The second part is an appointed time with Jacke. It’s a time to dive deep into your heart in order to experience freedom and joy in Jesus Christ.

Jacke will make a prayerful assessment of your completed assignment, giving her a glimpse into your heart and assisting with identifying the blocking of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, the Holy Spirit holds all the answers and Jacke will ask the appropriate questions.

The Store

Find Jacke’s book, workbook, and other various fundraising items in our GMFH Store


How we can help you on your journey…


We provide a welcoming and understanding community of fellow grieving mothers who share their stories, provide comfort, and offer companionship on the journey of healing.


Through a variety of resources, workshops, and support sessions, we empower grieving mothers with tools to navigate the complex terrain of grief, fostering a sense of hope and restoration.


For those who find solace in their faith, we offer opportunities to explore and strengthen their spiritual connection, integrating Christ-centered teachings and perspectives into the healing process.


We are committed to raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by grieving mothers and advocating for their needs within society, fostering a more compassionate and understanding environment.

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