The Curtain of Hurtin

From Jacke

The sun announces itself through my naked window, awakening me before my wind-up alarm clock plays “Love Story.” It’s 1978, and I’m getting ready for high school. A heaviness comes over me as I walk down the familiar hallway to my mother’s bedroom, hoping to see that she has lifted her “curtain of hurtin,” allowing the sun to shine into her very dark world. Thankfully, her sadness was only for a season, but it was that season that fueled me to shine a light into the souls of women.

For a long time, I was insecure and lacked confidence, but did not genuinely know why. I hid behind my own “curtain of hurtin.” My mother’s sadness seemingly had taken residence in my heart. It was confusing because deep inside lurked a restless tiger ready to take on the world, but my tiger did not have the strength to fight its way to the surface of that timid little girl.

It wasn’t until years later, through my Life Coaching, that I discovered I was filtering everything through my “curtain of hurtin.” It is written, “and after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” 1 Peter 5:10

Friends, never feel as though your pain will go without gain for another! This life of yours will be tested, but nothing you encounter is without purpose. We have all had tragedy and hurt, and typically respond to life with our own “curtain of hurtin.”

Walking into a room with covered windows will always take me back to that place of my mother’s darkness. I have a choice though: to stay in that darkness or walk boldly up to that window, draw back the curtain and bring the light back in!

Aren’t you tired of living behind your “curtain of hurtin?” You may feel safely hidden, but everyone around you can see your curtain. How do you want to be remembered? Allow someone who loves and cares enough for you to open that curtain, let the light of God in, and feel the warmth of the Son on your face.

Written By Jacke Rose

Author of the book, Resurfacing, a twelve-week hope-filled guide designed to share with other grieving moms and the Just Be Journal for grieving moms. Jacke, a grieving mother herself and a self-induced adventure junkie with a passion for life, found refuge in an off-grid treehouse on the island of Hawaii, where she wrote the book. No stranger to personal trials, in January of 2016, she faced an overwhelming obstacle, the death of her 30-year old son, Randy, to suicide, a tragedy that left her, as well as his grieving wife and two young sons, devastated. Through all of this, Jacke continues to face challenges with a tenacious spirit of hope, which she brings to others through her retreats, Facebook Live, Zoom, and speaking engagements. Having blended these life challenges and passions, she has created a life she truly loves, using her talents to encourage others to find balance and purpose amid life's darkest moments. Jacke currently lives in Bend, Oregon, which she refers to as her giant playground for extreme sports and, most importantly, God's gift after losing her son to fulfill her love of the mountains. She named her ranch, The Just Be Ranch welcoming all who visit to Just Be themselves and breathe.


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